Wheel of emotions

Remember that show Wheel of Fortune? How it had the giant disk that people would spin, and it landed on a particular slice with some kind of prize? Some days it feels like that’s my emotional disk… Several slices with random emotions, and you never know exactly where you’ll land.

Today was a grumpy day. I’m not sure why, it was just one of those days where everything annoyed me. Tomorrow could be happy. Or ecstatic. Or frustrated. Or somewhere in between all three. I just never know.

I try to make the best out of whatever the day brings me. Usually. Sometimes I just give in to it. But most days I’m able to recognize that I’m at least somewhat in control of my emotions. But then again, I hate taking control. So I’m really just in a pickle no matter what. Now I’m really grumpy. 🙂

How was your day?

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